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My name is Bartosz Hornik. I'm a programmer from Poland. For 4 years I'm the owner of Internet Studio company. I employ three talented developers. We make a good team of developers.

Programming is my passion since I finished 9 years old. From this time I learned many enviroments like Basic (C64), Assembler, Pascal and others.

The next step was a programming for Windows OS. I developed and implement software for Czestochowa City Hall (Education and Sport Department). I have used Delphi IDE (Pascal programming language). This project was a big success. I have won many competitions for high school students.

Now I focuse on big web systems development like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). My workshop is PHP (OOP), MySQL and Symfony or Zend framework. I using jQuery library for DHTML. My xHtml code is W3C valid. Programming is my passion for 19 years.

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Me and my team

I'm a owner of Internet Studio company. The company operates from 4 years on the European market. We are engaged in major and complex projects. Some of our projects are based on optimization mechanism like Mem Cache, APC, Sphinx (full-text searching), dedicated cache and others. We are using Symfony framework mostly and some of Zend libraries (validation, filtering and others).

We take our jobs very seriously and looking for permanent cooperation. If you need company you can rely on please contact with me.

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